Indulge in Happiness

Locate a perfect pub or bar to get-together with your friends, and make your evenings memorable.

RepubliqIn Mobile App offers quick and most-efficient way of locating nearest and pocket-friendly pubs and bars offering Happy Hours.

Find your perfect place

From 100s of choices of pub and bars in your city, find a perfect place according to your mood, taste, atmoshphere needed, location preferred, and prices suited.

Locate it quickly

Click on the place you selected, and the app would pin-point the excat location (we work hard to constantly update the precise locations), and also the distance from your location.

In future updates of the App, it would be able to display the time it would take for you to either drive or walk to the places.

Connect and Invite your friends

(Coming Soon...)

Share with your friends your location and the place you would be heading, and invite them to the party.

Have fun and Capture the moments

(Coming Soon...)

Friends are fun. Enjoy your time with friends and share the fun with others who could not join the party, all from within republiqin.

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